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What is JenGogh Designs?
One of the ways I use my overactive imagination is by creating things. I really like to create anything I’m in the mood for, or get a random idea about. JenGogh Designs is the mini-business I set up to foster my creativity and channel it in some more productive ways. Since 2010, the most consistent product of JenGogh Designs has been greeting cards.

Why Greeting Cards?
In late 2009, I was looking for a reason to justify spending time using my camera and playing in editing programs. I decided to Google photo contests and noticed the Hallmark greeting card competition. I snapped some pictures of our dog Moose, and entered the Mother’s Day contest. To my surprise a few days after entering Hallmark called to notify me of my win. They hooked me, and I went on to do more cards for Hallmark (see some of them here.) After I starting to think in greeting cards I had a hard time turning off my overactive imagination. I needed a place for all the ideas to go. After doing some research I decided to open my own storefront on Greeting Card Universe.

Why JenGogh?
My first recollection of fine art was the exposure of a print by Vincent van Gogh. For some reason I was drawn to his art, works and life for many years. My interest in his art inspired the name.

Check Out JenGogh
Here are the best places to keep up with JenGogh right now. I also help with custom designs, from your family Christmas card to head swapping in Photoshop. Contact me at for more information.

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    Your site is groovy.

    If you’re still coloring, would you like 11 images free to colorize for yourself or a group? All I want in return are completed images I can use in a book for publication(either ebook or Hardcopy) as testimonials and those whom I receive images from will receive credit for the renditions. I have a dropbox link which I can send if you’re interested. All the best from New Zealand. Mitch

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for your comment and thinking of us! I think over all that’s a bit more pressure than our group wants–we mostly color to relax and connect. BUT I did mention it to the group and at least one individual is interested I will email you her contact information. Thanks again for thinking of us!

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