An Open Letter to the City of Robbinsdale

Dear Robbinsdale,

You have very attractive sign at the entrance to your city on Highway 81. I watched and waited as this sign was being constructed. I wondered what finished product would reveal. Finally, the day came when I looked out the passenger window of my car and saw the completed sign. It reads, City of Robbinsdale and is accented with a large blue bird.

Consider how this sounds: I live in Robbinsdale, our logo is a bluebird.

Sweet city, I thought I would take this opportunity to inform you that bluebirds are not the same as robins. Your water tower indicates you are aware of what a robin looks like, so I’m not sure what lead to this oversight.

If you had chosen a different color I could perhaps overlook it. While I am not an ornithologist, I am unaware of a greenbird, yellowbird, whitebird, or brownbird. I am aware of a Bluebird and an American Robin.

In fairness, while investigating, I realized that there is in fact a Blue Indian Robin.  It resides in south Asia. If this is the robin you were intending to depict on your sign–I offer my sincerest and deepest apology.

In my research I also discovered that the Latin name for the American Robin is turdus migratorius. If you are trying to dissociate yourself with the word turdus, I cannot blame you and I also offer my apology.

In closing, City of Robbinsdale, I would like to add that the word robin (as in the bird) contains only one ‘b’.


A Concerned Citizen


  1. Jan says:

    Oh, Jenny! I am feeling relieved to know that I am not alone in my concerns and simultaneously laughing about the research into and effective expression of those concerns that is possible only in your world!

    • Jenny says:

      Well it’s nice to know I’m not alone as well. It will be nice to have an ally when I am called before the City Council. Thanks for the comment–it made me smile. 🙂

  2. sara says:

    You know, Robbinsdale was named after Mr. Andrew B. Robbins, who bought the land to develop into a suburban town….. not the bird.

    But the bird, Robin Red Breast is their logo and should not be blue.

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